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Thursday, March 14, 2013

It is simple...but we make it complicated...

He always let me go out the door first, even if he was really in a hurry.  He smiled when the rest of us felt like there was nothing to smile about.  He loved a good back scratch.  He always loved everyone unconditionally.  He protected me.  He stood up for me, when I was naive.  He laid with me, in front of the fire place, when I was sad and alone.  He was smart.  He was intuitive.  The way to his heart was through his belly.  He questioned new people that came into my life, but he quickly warmed up to the truly good and kind people.  He woke me up at 4 am in the morning when something important was on his mind.  He took care of all the babies.  In fact, he would sit and watch the babies for hours and let me know if something was wrong.  The babies loved him.  The babies would jump on him and play like he was a never bothered him and he never got upset.  In fact, the babies may have learned a life lesson in patience from him.  He took care of his older sister.  He loved her.  He missed her.  She was stubborn, but he helped her find her way when she felt lost.  He was always smiling...he smiled even when he didn't feel very good.  He was a leader, and he led by example.  He was big, but he had a gentle and kind soul.  He questioned the new ones, but they soon learned that he was just being overprotective, and once he got past that feeling they would find a new best friend.  He was my best friend.  He was my rock, and he got me through some of the worst times in my life.  He just had to be there...and he was.  He had many good buddies, and they relied on him to lead them, guide them, and keep them in line.  They all depended on him...and then they were confused.  The babies got to play with him on a Sunday...and he smiled and was happy to see them...he was happy that they were safe and happy too.  The babies showed him so much respect, but that was a surprise.  It is amazing to watch their intellect and intuition.  The babies miss him now...they all miss him.  He was my alarm clock.  He was my security blanket.  He was my big, cuddly, bear.  He was the laid back version of me that I wished so much that I could be.  I envied him.  He loved his Daddy Rick.  His Daddy took very good care of the good times and in the bad.  He loved him with all of his heart and soul.  You can learn a lot from a life...he was simple...he cared about others...he watched out for others and protected them...he led the babies in the right direction...he watched after his sisters, brothers, friends, nephews, and nieces.  He loved his Mommy and Daddy.  He always smiled and tried to stay positive, even when he wasn't feeling too good. can learn so much from one is amazing.  If he would have truly understood what the Golden Rule would have to wonder if he might have wrote it himself.  He didn't believe that it was complicated.  We make it complicated.  He treated others as he would want to be treated...and that was was simple in his eyes...
So, we could all, including myself, learn a lesson from my Chocolate Lab..."Chubs"...(also called Scraps, Big Brown Bear, and Chocolate Thunder) is so simple, but you complicate it...Chubs passed away recently, and we miss him so so much...We love you Chubs, and we won't forget what you taught us.
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