1. Don't just apply for the job online or through the company website, email and or Inmail the Recruiter directly.
  2. Take full advantage of the tools you have right in front of you.  Connect with them on LinkedIn, find connections that you have in common (and find out why), mention those mutual contacts to the Recruiter, and ask your connections if they will introduce you to that Recruiter.  
  3. Use key words, associated with the open job, in the subject line of your email and within the body of your email to catch their attention.
  4. No one really calls anymore, so call and leave the Recruiter a voicemail if you are not able to speak with them.  Quickly explain why you are interested and why you would be an asset for the company.
  5. No one mails letters anymore, either, so use that to your benefit.  Mail them your cover letter and resume, explaining why you are qualified and interested in the opportunity.
  6. If the Recruiter lists their cell phone, as an appropriate form of communication, then send them a quick text about your interest in their open position and if they would consider taking a look at your background.
  7. If there is not a contact name within the job posting, then find the company on LinkedIn, or another relevant site, and dig for who the HR Director, Senior Recruiter, and or Talent Acquisition Specialist are and contact them directly. 
Happy Hunting!  -Amy